Work & Study Visa in Ireland – How to apply?

Ireland is one of the few countries you can apply for a work & study Visa as an English student. This Visa consists of a permit to stay in Ireland for a period of 33 weeks. 25 weeks must be dedicated to English studies and the other 8 can be used for holidays. For the majority of this period, you can work for 20hrs a week.

For the last few years Ireland has been a country with a growing economy, attracting very important multi-national companies, such as Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, among others. This economic activity generates many new jobs everyday, either in qualified fields such as engineering and technology, or positions which do not require specialized skills in areas  such as cleaning and the hospitality sector (restaurants, pubs and hotels). That is why the country opened its doors to foreign workers, arriving from all over the world. Want to know how to apply for a Work & Study Visa?

What do you need to apply for a work & study visa?

As a student from outside the EU, to apply for this sort of visa for a period of 33 weeks you need:

  1. An English course of 15h per week for 25 weeks booked and paid before your arrival in Ireland
  2. A letter of acceptance from Castleforbes College containing all of your course details.
  3. A passport valid for at least 6 more months after your course is finished.
  4. Medical insurance and Learner Protection provided by Castleforbes College for the entire period you’re spending in Ireland studying English and traveling.
  5. 3000 euros as an evidence that you can maintain yourself in Dublin during your stay, which you can prove with a bank statement or in cash.
  6. 300 euros to pay for your visa application, only via debit or credit card, no cash accepted.
  7. An appointment on Immigration office booked on-line through GNIB official page 
work study visa
GNIB card, your prove of Irish visa, necessary to work in the country

After applying, you’ll receive a GNIB, card sent to your address in Ireland, which will allow you to stay in Ireland for a 25-week English Course plus 8 weeks of holidays, starting from the day you landed in Dublin. For this period, it is also a good idea to look for a permanent accommodation, since in Dublin in particular it has been difficult to find a place to stay right away.

I have a Visa, what’s next?

Once your Work & Study Visa is valid you’ll probably be eager to find a part-time job. In order to do so, we recommend following a few more steps:

  1. Apply for a PPS (Personal Public Service) number, required to apply for any job
  2. Prepare your CV and update your LinkedIn – many companies look for qualified professionals on-line in websites such as LinkedIn
  3. Open a bank account in Ireland – most employers ask for an Irish account to pay your wages
  4. Open an account at revenue.ie to manage your taxes – otherwise you will have big discounts on your first payments
work in pubs
Dublin has around 660 pubs, source of the many jobs created during summer

During the English course you’re allowed to work for 20 hours per week. However, it is possible to work for 40 hours in the months of June, July, August and September. This is the Irish summer, or “high season”, when the country receives many visitors due to the European holidays, and also from 15th December to 15 January, during the Christmas holidays. During the holidays many jobs open up in restaurants, pubs, cafés and other services related to tourism. Managers receive several CV’s daily, so if you know somewhere hiring, just show up in person and talk to the manager to get yourself a trial and increase your chances of being hired.

If you have any other questions, talk to us! We are always happy to help! May the Leprechaun guide you to Dublin and help you! Good Luck!