jobsearch programme

Get ahead and improve your chances of finding a job quickly in Dublin.

This English programme will give you the opportunity to improve your English and to get the confidence you need to find a job in Ireland.
The Job search programme consists of a minimum of 4 weeks of weekly 15 hours of English course with an additional 5 hours conversation class each week to improve your fluency. You will be joining two workshops to help you create your Curriculum Vitae, Cover letter, and prepare for interviews. Our teacher, who is specialised in CV correction, will also take a final look at yours.

Once you are ready, we will send your details to recruitment agencies we collaborate with and you will be called for interviews once a position you are interested in is available.


  • from 4-week English course 20 hours
  • workshops
    • CV and cover letter
    • interview
  • CV correction
  • support on documents as need it (PPS number & bank account)
  • contact with different recruitment agencies