Dublin Tour

Dublin Tour

Dublin, the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the most famous city in the country. It is well worth thoroughly exploring!  Our school organizes a series of guided tours with all students, so that they can fully immerse themselves in the Irish culture and appreciate the beauties of Dublin.


Explore a big part of Dublin culture, history and passions!

  • Guinness Storehouse: the factory and home of the most famous Irish beer, GUINNESS®!!

  • Croke Park Sport Museum: the house of the two beloved irish sports - Gaelic Football and Hurling!

  • Dublinia: located at the Christ Church, shows the past of Dublin as a viking city!

  • Natural History Museum: it is right besides Marion Square, has free entrance and a big collection of fossils!

  • The Wax Museum: contains a collection of figures such as Dracula, Jonh Paul and The Flinstones!

Croke Park


National Botanic Gardens entrance

Ireland is not know as the green country for no reason. Visiting one of Dublin's Parks is always a good plan!

  • Phoenix Park: the biggest Park in Dublin, hosting several big events and home for countless animals.

  • National Botanic Gardens: beautiful Park to visit and to explore some old Green Houses!

  • Stephen's Green: lovely Park at a 'must-know' area and best place to go on sunny days!

  • Saint Anne's Park: located besides the Bull Island, it is a big park good for hiking and relaxing!


Dublin isn't the only place to have mysterious marvels, but also some close villages to north and south.

  • Howth: a small peninsula 30 minutes from Dublin by bus, it is a fantastic place for hiking and exploring!

  • Malahide: it's a small village by the river with a big Park, where can be found the Malahide Castle!

  • Greystones: it is the last village you can go by DART to the south, and a good walk from Bray!

  • Bray: a simple town by the sea, considered one of the best beaches to go during summer!

Bray Beach


music event Dublin

As a European city and the capital of Ireland, Dublin hosts several big 'must-see' events.

  • Gaelic Football and Hurling matches: taking place at the Croke Park, those sports are the nation's favorites!

  • Temple Bar Challenge: explore the bohemian area of Dublin through a challenging game!

  • Concerts and Festivals: Dublin is a reference city regarding music and therefore hosts some of the more expressive festivals and musicians in the world.