Social Activities

Castleforbes College Events

Castleforbes College is not only about studying, it’s also about having fun and socializing while getting to practice your new English skills! Every week the school organizes a number of social activities for all students enrolled in the English courses. These events are the perfect opportunity to socialize and meet new friends from all over the world!


June Activities - Calendar
  • Welcome Monday! - get all the information you need and start learning english

  • Free Time Tuesday! - enjoy your free time visiting amazing spots inDublin

  • Wonka Wednesday! - let's party in some of the most popular Dublin pubs

  • Thirsty Thursday! - immerse yourself in new cultures at the Language Exchange

  • Fun Friday! - School organized visit with Andrea + beer time at theLundy Foot's

  • Trips Weekend! - Time to discover the Irish secrets and marvels, in some of the most famoustours in Ireland

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